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In Spite of All Terror is the first in a series of crime thrillers that mix historical fact, crime fiction and superb characterisations. They will keep you hungry for the next piece of this wartime puzzle. Amazon UK has all three of the Clement Wisdom Series books available as a set on Kindle!

Fellowship of Australian Writers, Southern Highlands.

Today I was at the Southern Highlands branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.  I so enjoyed my time with the devoted members of this group. 

Although a bitter day – the temperature reached a massive 8 degrees and the Covid restrictions for our area- a small group of hardy souls attended.  I shared with them the inspiration for my Clement Wisdom series with particular emphasis on writing, research and characterisation.

Thanks again to all who attended and who purchased books.

Moss Vale Probus Club

Today I spoke at the Moss Vale Probus Club.  There were a good many people there and the talk was a lot of fun for me and I hope, them.  It was so good to be able to speak to a large group again after the past year and its varying restrictions.  

Thanks to all who came and to the club for inviting me to speak and especially to those who purchased books.

The Hospital of St Cross

The Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty is a medieval almshouse in Winchester, Hampshire, England. It has been described as “England’s oldest and most perfect almshouse This is one of the many wonderful places I visited whilst researching my latest novel ‘Where Death and Danger Go”.

Winchester College

I visited Winchester College when I was researching for Book 3 “Where Death and Danger Go”.

Winchester College is an independent boarding school for boys situated in Winchester, Hampshire. It has existed in its present location for over 600 years.



I grew up in Sydney in the 50’s and 60’s, but during my teenage years was fortunate to travel extensively with my family. I must admit this made me a life-long Anglophile with a love for old Blighty that I’ve never lost. Following school I trained as a primary school teacher which I didn’t enjoy, so I became a nurse, specialising in burns care. While working in the health industry, I studied singing at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music and worked in a semi-professional capacity as an opera singer for over twenty years. The highlights of my singing career included being on stage at the Roman amphitheater in Merida Spain, singing for their graces the Duke and Duchess of Wellington at their estate in Stratfield Saye, for Governor David Martin at the New South Wales Government House and on stage at the Sydney Opera House. Coming into writing later in life has meant that my varied experiences, coupled with a love of history have had a strong influence on me. The era of world war two and the experience of the British people within it have of course influenced my Clement Wisdom series of novels.

Thanks Vicky, so what gave you the idea for Clement? The original idea came from a question about ‘The Scallywags’ on the TV programme, QI. Stephen Fry recounted how Scallywags, more formally known as The Auxiliary Units, were resistance fighters formed in Britain in 1940 as a direct result of the fall of France and what seemed at the time to be the imminent Nazi invasion of Britain. These top secret cells were given special training in what would be ‘behind the lines’ operations, including clandestine assassinations and sabotage all in an effort to thwart or at least delay the Nazi advance to London. Life expectancy for a Scallywag once activated was two weeks. I was fascinated by the men that would have volunteered for such a mission and the formation of the Auxiliary Units was the basis of book one in the series, In Spite of All Terror. The main character is a vicar, the Reverend Clement Wisdom who, by the end of the story, has left his pulpit and joined the Special Duties Section of The Secret Intelligence Service. That set me up nicely for book two, If Necessary Alone and now of course, book three, Where Death and Danger Go.

What’s the underlying theme that the books deals with?  Clement has a high sense of moral conduct as shown in his sense of duty to his country and his fellow man. Courage, selflessness and integrity are foundational to his character.

What do you hope readers will take from the series? I would like to think that people will read some hitherto unknown history of World War Two, albeit within a fictitious story, and understand the immediate and immense danger experienced every day by ordinary people. How people react to extreme situations will influence the course of their lives and their choices. Hopefully some may even emulate Clement’s high sense of putting others before self.

Where did you get the titles from? All three books’ titles are quotes from Winston Churchill’s speeches. It seemed very fitting.

Shetland Bus Memorial

During WWII, the Norwegian resistance movement operated the ‘Shetland Bus’ from here. The trips were very successful, carrying agents, wireless operators and military supplies to Norway for the resistance movement. This memorial is built with stones from Scottland and the Norwegian stones are from the home areas of 44 Norwegians who died running the gauntlet between Norway and Scalloway.


My first novel In Spite of all Terror is currently trending on Amazon USA in the top 10 for three categories: Historical Stories, War Fiction and Murder!

I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who has purchased one of my books. I hope you love it and read all 3 books in the series.

If you are new to the clement wisdom series please see the below link 


Wistow is a village within Huntingdonshire which is a non-metropolitan district of Cambridgeshire as well as being a historic county of England. I visited Wistow in search of locations for my latest novel “Where Death and Danger Go”. Wistow is a farming community that has grown up around the central features of its church and manor house.

Winchester Cathedral

VM Knox stands outside Winchester Cathedral. Winchester Cathedral is located in Winchester, Hampshire, England. It is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. VM Knox visited Winchester Cathedral during her research tour of the area for her latest book “Where Death and Danger Go”.

Geoff Sanders Review

G D Sanders author of ‘The Victim’, ‘The Taken Girls’ and ‘The Adventures of Adam Wynn; Influence of Death’.

Dear Vicky,

I finished Where Death and Danger Go yesterday, reading the final 40% in a single sitting, which is unusual for me. When the action starts you really have produced a page-turner. As you know, I love your central character, Clement Wisdom. He is such a gentle, thoughtful sensitive man, yet able to injure and kill for what he believes to be right. I truly admire you plotting, basing your fictional story on historical events and a mind-blowing degree of research. When reading the book, I felt you had yourself trodden every step of Clement’s journey.

I’ve enjoyed all three of your Clement Wisdom novels but for me this was the best so far. I say “so far” because I wonder if Clement will feel compelled to return to the UK because King and country require his services again and he is in a position from which he cannot resign.

I hope you’ve already started on another novel and look forward to hearing about it.

Best wishes,


St Peters Horningsea

St Peters Horningsea is located in a small village north of Cambridge in Cambridgeshire in England. The parish covers an area of 1,700 acres. It lies on the east bank of the River Cam. This is one of the many wonderful places I visited whilst researching my latest novel ‘Where Death and Danger Go”.


The Bridge is located on the banks of the River Cam in the beautiful village of Waterbeach. Waterbeach is a village on the edge of The Fens, 9 kilometers north of Cambridge in the South Cambridgeshire district of Cambridgeshire, England. This picturesque town sets the scene for my latest novel “Where Death and Danger Go”.


I am currently working on a new series for 2021 but another Clement wisdom story is also hatching in my head. Clement will live to fight another day and I’m hoping to have book four in the series out within the year or in the early months of 2022 as well as book one in my new series. 

Take care everyone in these turbulent times and may 2021 be an outstanding year for you. 

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for their kind support this year and for buying my books, especially the latest, “Where Death and Danger Go”. Wishing you all a safe and very happy Christmas and a joyous New Year.

V M Knox 2020

Book Club, Gordon

On Wednesday last I visited a book club that meets monthly in Gordon in Sydney’s North. It was an informal gathering with many laughs, questions and the historical information that underpins my three books, “In Spite of All Terror,” “If Necessary Alone” and “Where Death and Danger Go” released on Nov 5. The time passed all too quickly but I have been invited back next year after they’ve read my latest book. The one thing I love about book clubs is that all members read the books before I visit so no worries about giving away too much information about the plots. A happy afternoon and thanks to all who attended.


Good afternoon Ms Knox,

I have just read your most recent novel on Kindle. As always, it is excellent.  I live in Ballarat Victoria and reading has been a way of escaping the lockdown. 

In the case of this book, it is much closer to home.  In the early 1960s I was a meteorological observer with the RAF, stationed at the Bassingbourn RAF station south of Cambridge.  I learned to fly gliders at Duxford, and when the club moved from there due to the takeover for the Imperial War Museum, we moved to Waterbeach airfield where I went solo. I had to stand my colleagues drinks in one of the pubs you mention. 

 Again, thanks for a fantastic series of books.  



When V M Knox isn’t writing she is often found giving solo recitals.  After a lifetime of singing classical works in her younger years which included performing in Opera, Oratorio, Art Songs and Leider, she is frequently asked to perform.  One such occasion was on Wednesday 28th October at St Judes weekly lunchtime recital in Bowral.  Items performed included works by Schubert, Dvorak, Faure, Brahms and Handel.

Book 3 OUT NOW

Where Death and Danger Go.

In the dark days of 1941, Britain fights on alone.

Invasion threatens and fear hangs in the air. Some yearn for peace and an end to the relentless Nazi bombing. Others are spurred on to fight for victory, no matter the cost. And some will manipulate a divided country for their own ends.

On a winter’s night, a German spy parachutes into the Cambridgeshire fenland while another man is secretly murdered in the same field. Is he another enemy spy or has he been sent to his death? Either way, a killer lurks.

Major Clement Wisdom of Special Duties Branch of the SIS is sent to discover the dead man’s identity and almost immediately uncovers a sinister network of conspiracy where kidnap, murder and revenge threaten not only the safety of the country but Clements’s life.


I very much enjoyed speaking at the Royal Automobile Club last Monday about my first two books, “In Spite of All Terror” and “If Necessary, Alone” and giving them some information about my soon-to-be-released third book in the Clement Wisdom series, “Where Death and Danger Go”.  It was wonderful to be able to speak again, even with all the current restrictions of distancing which the Club handled superbly.  Those present showed great enthusiasm.  Thanks again to all at the Club and for their kind invitation to speak about my WW2 novels.


Dear Vicky,

It was a wonderful surprise to receive two wonderful books in the mail from my grandson Matthew written by you.  They have given me great pleasure to read and reminisce as I am 98 years and many parts of the books brought back memories good and bad of the past and of the time and of the time when girls were called up and I was asked to work in the Munitions factory supplies laboratory in Maribyrnong in Victoria.

For years we worked each day looking through the microscope etching very accurately the degrees and grinds on the new lens which were inserted back into the World War I binoculars and sights of guns being reused and updated for use in the Second World War.

Later when the Owen Gun was invented the Army came out to the laboratory to test accuracy of the eye pieces of the gun. It was very satisfying to know our efforts and contribution were so valuable to the success of the gun.

I couldn’t put the books down because the immense suspense which you portrayed begged me to turn the pages to find out whether the characters were staying with us chapter by chapter.

The amount of research and authenticity is remarkable intertwined with the plot carried out under the guise of Ministers of the cloth.

Thank you for many hours of such enjoyable reading and I wish you every success with your future books and I look forward to many many more hours of fascinating reading.

With very kind regards,


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I had a wonderful time being interviewed via Skype by Rob Weinberg of Dan Snows History Hit Podcast. So much fun and such an honour being invited to join these amazing historians.

To listen to the History Hit Podcast please click the link below

Picture shows VM Knox awaiting the interview time slot in her study at her home in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales


“Fantastic read, kept me enthralled to the last page.” – Janet Laurence, Former Chairperson, British Crime Writers Association

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Stay home, stay safe and get my book delivered to your door


V M Knox took time away from the computer and writing her new book today to sing in an operatic concert held in Bowral in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales. 

She had a long career in Opera and still gives the occasional performance. 

Thanks to all who attended and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.